Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The 13 questions I'll ask tomorrow- planning for dialog

So often in my work with teachers and coaches, my plans for the day really look like a series of questions. In addition to reminding me that my number one job is to listen and to approach my work with a spirit of inquiry, drafting the questions in advance helps me prepare for productive dialog. Here are the list of questions I'll ask tomorrow.

Leadership Team Meeting

1. "Can you say more about that?"

Planning with a middle school Social Studies teacher to use Minecraft in the classroom

2. I know that incorporating Minecraft in this project was a student suggestion. What have students proposed that they ought to do in Minecraft?

3. What interests have they expressed about the unit topic and what interests have they expressed about Minecraft?

4. What would be your biggest goal for your students with this project?

5. What are your thoughts about using gaming in your instruction?

6. Do you have any goals specific to using games in the classroom?

Conferring with a coach about his work 

7. How's it going?

8. What's a recent success that is worth devoting some reflection time to?

9. I heard you say _______. Can you say more about that?

10. Do you have something that you are thinking of trying?

11. How do you see that going?

12. How can I help or support?

13. Is there another coach who you might want to partner with to think more about this or share ideas about this?

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