Monday, January 26, 2015

Why I haven't blogged in a while... a 5 minute blog post

1. I have blogged... Just not here. (A few times I've opted to write on NWP's Digital Is instead of on my own space. Why is a longer blog post.)

2. Because I'm swamped at work.

3. After a while, it seems like it is easier to post in other places than to post on the neglected blog.

4. I have two children and a wife.

5. I've committed myself to exercising daily and I have somehow created a blogging/exercising tradeoff in my head. (Why is a longer blog post.)

6. I liked the idea of creating different blogs for different purposes, so I have a neglected Tumblr, and Wordpress blog, as well as a few other Blogger blogs. Reflecting now, I started several gardens and tended none of them.

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