Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best of 2015's digital photos

One of the neat tricks that digital tools do behind the scenes for me is back up the photographs I take with my phone. Every picture I snap, whether it includes the edge of my finger or a blurry ghost where one of my daughters was just a second ago, uploads to Google photos shortly after I take it. The result is a huge digital scrapbook organized by date that I end up scrolling through every week or so, for one reason or another.

For the last few years, I've appreciated this cloud-enabled ready access to all my snapshots because scrolling through the photo archive brings back memories. Sure, the archive is handy for work, where I use my camera to augment my haphazard note taking, but my photographs really serve a more personal purpose because most of them, and certainly the best of them, record my daughters who are always a little smaller the farther down the page I scroll. 

In response to this reflective prompt from Kim Douillard, I returned to my Google photos to find my best pictures of 2015. I never find expert photographs in my collection, so my selections are generally my pretty girls in pretty scenery. Oddly, when I scroll through the volumes, instead of lamenting that I am no photographer, I end up grateful that I'm a persistent, if novice, one. 

Madison at Maui's North Shore
The girls playing on the banks of the Blue River in Breckenridge

In search of a playground in Salida
Hailey gives me tetherball lessons in Salida

Sizing up a Maui tide pool


  1. Hi Joe,

    Even though only your first and last photo are visible to me, I totally agree that being a persistent photographer and documentarian is a great quality (especially in a parent). Photographs carry so many stories and so much history...and much to be appreciated that may not be apparent right after the click of the shutter.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I wonder why some aren't visible? I may need to troubleshoot this.

      Persistent documentarian works for me and probably moves the focus off my sometimes shaky photography.