Thursday, March 31, 2016

Using political memes in social annotation; responding to reading creatively

I was drawn into a long form article, "The Third Rail," by Alec Macgillis which appeared in the just the other day and I decided to annotate it with the social annotation tool using only .gif files and memes. The text was a compelling, provacative one that began explaining how the Baltimore riot in April of 2015 began with the shutdown of public transportation, and then detailed the twisted history of public transit in that decaying inner city. 
This reading response effort is part of my continued exploration of into marking up texts collaboratively and publicly. What I've posted below are the memes I wrote and the one .gif file I created myself while I read. Seeing them here, isolated from the text that inspired them, I think they probably speak to the power of the article and the impact it had on me as a reader. At the bottom of this post, I've included a screencast YouTube video I created to reflect on my process.

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  1. Perfect post on many levels ... thanks for the video, the examples and the reflection.