Saturday, April 16, 2016

After the forts have fallen

For the .gif files below, I took a series of burst photos using my fancy smartphone. Next, I used Google photos to create an animation, which is formatted as a .gif. The first one I created was the first part of Madison's dive, the second one was the crash landing into our couch cushions. The final animation was the logical combination of the two. 

I spent several minutes trying to get these onto Facebook before learning that Facebook doesn't support .gif files. Too much looping action in people's news streams could be a bad thing when you're trying to help the world establish a global community and aspiring to facilitate the free flow of culture and ideas, I suppose. Foiled by Facebook, I turned to Tumblr, which I thought would be the more .gif friendly tool. No dice. The looping animation of Madison's full dive was maybe just too big of a file size on that platform. Ultimately, my .gifs worked best here, in Blogger, and I think the series of three is an interesting visual effect and encapsulates a lazy day around the Dillon house with the snow falling relentlessly outside.

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